Sunday, October 22, 2017

Rap-A-Porter Louis Vuitton Neverfull review: Another Unfortunate Experience

my first LV replica bag. I have been collecting bags as a trainer, as I could never afford LV / Balenciaga from now on.So here I was, browsing through a porter rap website .. sorted and paid through WU ..The shipment was very fast probably 7working day .. I opened the box and saw this bag:And this is it .. I have applied the olive oil immediately (as you can see the color change in the bottom photo) that does the job. But I'm not happy with the bag at all .. :( Just share so that others can get an idea about the rap bags to porter ..

Thanks for the detailed review and photos Marge you! Thank you for coming forward with your deceptive shopping experience as a lesson to others! This is a clear indicator of buyers should stay away from rap to porter a janitor and all his other affiliated garbage sites.This opinion was also helpful as it shows that some replicas do patina! Which is quite interesting, since it is often a deciding factor between false and true. I guess the replica makers will be Steppin a little!

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