Beauty On The Mountain Top

It is a known fact that all photographers who love to do shoots have a muse. Marry is certainly mine. She is the dearest young lady I have ever had the pleasure of meeting, and I have met many over the years in this business. She is not only intelligent but also stunningly gorgeous in every way. She is the manager of Mount Spokane Ski Resort and Lodge in the winter, and has a passion for the outdoors. It has been her dream for Mount Spokane to offer wedding packages in the summer months. Because they will be working on all their informational packages, they needed photos of the beauty of the mountain in the summer. Marry of course was the natural fit for our inspired bride. Once you see the spectacular view of the Vista House and surrounding areas, every bride will be clawing to get a date for this amazing site. Thank-you Mak for such an awesome day shooting your beloved Mount Spokane, and you of course! You are the best.
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