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Every bride has her dreamy wedding dress to wear to walk slowly into the church changing from a girl to a lady. Wedding dresses have magic power to ladies and they could not keep the temptation out. Now, let’s have a look at the fashion trends of . The luxurious style in last season has not drawn the curtain down and the minimalism has been obviously prevalent these years. The multi layers design of long complex sweeps, flowers, lace and all kinds of yarns are widely used still and the baroque style is the main stream. However, minimalism is influencing stealthily. For example, pure white wedding dresses are very popular. The designing models of A type dresses and dresses of square shoulders design are increasing. The large sweeps which emphasis spatial ventricular feelings have gradually hidden their exaggerate postures and replaced by simply and naturally vertical sweeps or three dimensional cutting sweeps. In addition to that, it requires more on fabrics. Wedding dresses 2013 seem still full of wandering and unfolding feelings but the fabrics are heavier and thicker. The quality of the satin used for wedding dresses this year is massier, well vertical and warm keeping. They are suitable to make wedding dresses worn in autumn or winter. A type dresses and fish tail dresses which embody lines are popular this year. Satin covered by white yarn is not only solemn, magnificent but romantic and graceful as well. They become the first choice of making wedding dresses. The trend of wedding dresses 2013 is colorful but not single like past years. For example, there are red or champagne ornaments starred on a pure white wedding dress to show the jumping colorful feeling. No not think that white is the best choice since there almost not have pure white dresses. Off white, ivory, champagne still will be popular colors.
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