How To Protect Yourself While Shopping Online!

So we all know that online shopping is quite comparable to walking through a minefield, a false move and can create a big headache for you and your credit card! This is especially true when buying replica handbags as it is even more of a gray trading area! So I've put together some tips to help novices and online shoppers even with experience. 

# 1 - Appearance: 
Just as you would not buy a bag from the back of a truck, you should not buy one from a website that seems to have been designed by a child. The site should be respectable, at least, as respectable as a store that you buy. Bad Flash Antimony? Low resolution images? A lot of dead links? Let others buy there!

# 2 - Can you contact them ?: 
No contact info? If there is absolutely no way of communicating with site owners it should be an immediate red flag for the buyer. If they are not willing to talk to their customers and answer their questions why should they buy there? In addition, if you make contact with them (for example, via an email) - they recommend me to do before any purchase - be sure to take into account the time it takes to get a response. Too much time = too late. Save your money for a better site! 

# 3 - Westion Union or Money Gram only payments.
If the site only allows Western Union or MoneyGram () payments, and even if they only allow wire transfers, it is likely to be a forgery. An honest store allows you to carry out credit card transactions as this allows a safety net for the buyer as they can always get their money back if they do not receive the merchandise.

 # 4-Use Google to search for it 
Go to and search for the domain name along with "the word scam. All relevant results? You draw conclusions.Ok so those are my top 4 tips to keep yourself from being scam victim! I will post a list of fraudulent sites known very soon to create a reference for all replica handbags / shoe buyers!
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