Replica Balenciaga vs Authentic Handbag

This blog will be dedicated to mentioning all the things that you should look for in a Balenciaga replica handbag before buying it to make sure it really is as good as the real thing.

The zips:

Although this may seem like a small feature of a handbag that is actually one you really should pay attention in order to make sure that the replica is a reflection of a genuine Balenciaga handbag. Balenciaga uses zippers created by lamp. They usually come with fake handbags engraved with Lampo's word zippers in capitals - they are clearly fake. Good Balenciaga replicas should have Lampo zippers that have the word Lampo written on a slope or cursive typeface. In addition to this the "L" of Lampo must be extended to the end of the word. A trademark symbol should also appear next to the Lampo world. Usually when my friends show their Balenciaga replica is that I take a look at the zippers first. If the replicas artists have paid attention to the zippers it is a sign that they have a keen eye for detail and will go ahead with finer ones or subtle details in the rest of the wallet.

The leather:

This is the most visible part of your handbag so clearly it is an important point to consider when buying a replica. Authentic Balenciaga uses either goatskin leather or lamb depending on the collection a specific purse is from. The skin is very soft and feels very soft and carefree on the hands. It is almost silky in one sense. Authentic Balenciaga leather also has a sheen that is not overwhelming (as many of the fakes are) but noticeable at the same time. Your skin is distressed, but not on the top cracked out. The tassels attached to the bag should be just as smooth. Balenciaga leather plays an important role in creating your elegance and that is why it is important to pay attention to this when you are shopping around for a replica.A lot of replicas are unforutnately too cracked out and too bright. This completely removed from the beauty of Balenciaga's girlfriend and trust me it will be noticeable from a mile away to a true fashionista. I think the replicas do not offend companies like Balenciaga when done correctly, but when it is horrible their completely misrepresents their product.So check with any site that you are thinking of buying to make sure that the materials they use are the same as the real thing and if they are not DO NOT BUY. The bag will look sticky and stained like a fake a mile away.
The Cachas:

Finally a last key part of a Balenciaga I would like to discuss with my fellow business partners. The handles of an authentic Balenciaga should not have a finished or coated look. The Balenciaga must have handles that are woven or braided in leather. Balenciaga are called "buff", which has a raw look to it and looks more like a string or a. This is a detail fakes usually miss unfortunately.

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