Replica Louis Vuitton Review: Mahina Leather Selene

I finally had time to take photos and upload my review of the LV Mahina MM Selene! First of all I'll start by telling you how much guys love love love the style and design of this bag. It's the perfect size in my opinion for the girls out there who do not want something that is too big but also does not want something that is too small. This handbag is undoubtedly a middle between the bag stuffers as I like to call em and the super petite handbags that can hardly hold anything. I also like that the handbag is almost like a messenger bag in the sense that the strap is adjustable and can be made very long. I almost wish I had it in my high school or college days, as it would have been very chic.

So I did buy this ryanjolie bag again after being very impressed by the quality of the bags.

So I guess if someone wants to see the site it is probably a good idea to make an account with them because there is no reason not to want to save a few dollars off on a purchase when the site is actually working again (LOL I just remember Honey Boo Boo say "a dollar makes me holla Honey Child Boo Boo," which is pretty funny, although I think she compromises with the failure of her incompetent parents and really does not advise the show). Lets also hope that the site is really organized and every product has its details are indicated, as it really is a hassle to have them emailed and order sizes all the time!

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The quality of the LV is amazing! Honestly the skin is so soft and it can definitely be said at first touch that it is a good good leather. I really think DD has in terms of nailing the quality of the original. Everything from the hardware of the hand bag to the print on the leather was excellent! I even dared to enter my local LV boutique and the sales associate was more than cheating and even tried to persuade me to buy another Mahina leather style bag that I told him to think about. So as for quality I really do say that the Discreet Designer still does not fail me! Every time I receive a bag of them inspire me to buy more and more! I can not wait to build my LV collection now!

Replica Louis Vuitton Review: Mahina Leather Selene Replica Louis Vuitton Review: Mahina Leather Selene Reviewed by Ryan Jolie on 3:39 AM Rating: 5

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