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Adele Cassagrande opened a leather and fur store in 1918 in the center of Rome. In 1925 he married Edoardo Fendi and the business went on to become a family business. 1932 saw the opening of the second store in Via Piave and in 1946 he joined the daughters in what is an elegant choice in clothes and bags. His propaganda included the realization of his merchandise is known to foreign buyers and nowadays this is a successful design line. In the world of designer handbags and designer clothes, Fendi holds her head high with her excellent designs.

In 1965 Karl Lagerfeld, join that of Fendi and it was a match in heaven. Karl was responsible for the inverted "FF" logo and dedicated himself to the transformation of the skin and clothing with the daughters of the complicity of all his movements. Fendi merchandise was discovered by the president of Bloomingdale and he was the one who made the citizens of the United States sit and watch the house of the very talented designer. Other high-end stores did with this new arrival and today Fendi is a name to keep in mind.

The first list to use Fendi's fur collection was presented in Florence in 1969 and since then it has not looked back. His goal was to bring the skins of good quality but accessible to people in fabulous designs produced under the protection of technology in constant evolution. The list to use the line saw his birth, when the daughters discovered that he did not have designer clothes to show on the skins.

The Fendi line

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