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Wow, I can not believe how fast this week went by! I love to celebrate a person for a whole week, however I'm not sure if I've ever held a group as big as all the mothers in the world! That's what I'm doing (if you do not know by now). Sure, I'm Featuring famous mothers and their Hermes bags, however, I do not want them to stop there. I want to dedicate these three messages to moms everywhere! Whether you like fashion or not, all moms deserves to be celebrated more and that is why I am writing these messages in the first place! However, this is a blog where I talk about Hermes handbags and accessories, so let's stay withing my niche market and get to those Hermes designer bags!

Katie Holmes is one of those moms who is very fashionable, and I just love her! Check out, previously, with the fashionable daughter Suri on one arm, and with a bag of blue Hermes Birkin on the other. Katie even does well casual! To get more mom-inspiration, check out Jessica Simpson and her warm orange Birkin bag below and look at that adorable baby face! I wish I could keep going, however, I would like to be here all day!So let's finish this week by letting you know that you can get this design style for less. How? Replica Hermes bags are designed to look and feel like the real thing - at only a fraction of the price!
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